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The path from your message to your audience,

Starts Here.

Welcome to Starting Line Communications, your home for professional and personalized communication services offered at a realistic price. Keep scrolling, let's learn more!

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First, Some Introductions

Hi, I'm Laura!

I will be your communications guide. For the past 15 years, I have worked in the world of communications, marketing, and event management. I've built businesses from the ground up, worked in churches and non-profits, and helped with political campaigns. All that to say - I know how important (and hard) it is to communicate well. My heart comes alive when I can use my skills to help others translate thoughts into clear messaging and systems that make their lives easier!

So, What Are "Communication Services"?

Funny you should ask - my parents said the same thing when I majored in it. 

Communication services are the road between your message and your audience. This includes many things, but SLC focuses on:


Social Media

Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing


Customer Relationship Management

Booking Systems

Event Management

Online Stores

Google Features

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While every organization needs a communications professional on their team, Starting Line specializes in these areas:

Who Do We Serve?

Start Ups




Track Running Facility

Why Choose Starting Line?


This work is fun for me, and working with new people is even better. Although this part of your process may stress you out, I promise to make it as easy as possible and maybe even enjoyable!


When you hire SLC, you put 15+ years of comms experience on your team. As a full-time Communications Director, I bring all the skills I use in my 9-5 to your organization. 


This is a side business for me, which means I can charge less than communications or marketing firms. If you are flexible on your time frame, hiring a side-gig comms pro is a smart option when you're on a budget.

Happy Clients

"We had a very vague idea for our website but Laura took all our little ideas and brought them to life! She did a great job and was very quick and easy to work with."

Megan Smith, Director of Operations

LaFontaine Learning Community

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Ready to Get Started?

Great! Here's Your First Steps

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