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For nine years of my life, I regularly placed my foot at a starting line. The anticipation of the unknown floods your heart as you wait for the gun to go off and see if you’ll win or lose this race. As a track athlete, I trained my body and mind for these races, but there were still so many unknown variables in each race. How good was my competition? Was my training plan good enough? What would the weather bring? Would my shoe come untied (yes, that happened... more than once)?


Starting lines are full of unknowns, but you want to step up to them prepared, equipped, and with a strong plan.


My track spikes have long been retired, but I have found a similar pressure to be true in my career in marketing and communications. I strongly believe that EVERY ORGANIZATION needs a communications professional on their team. But the reality is that not everyone can afford a full-time comms pro. 


I get it. I have started businesses, worked in ministries and nonprofits, and helped with political campaigns. I know what it is like to have a limited budget but desperately need a professional communications presence. If that is true for you - you are in the right place!


This is the vision for Starting Line Communications: to help those who don’t know where to start in their organization’s communications. I will walk with you and help you. We will start your race together!

We Might Be a Good Match If You Are...

Flexible on Time

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As my side business, I create a realistic timeline with my clients, but ask for grace too. I work 4 days/week at my regular job... not to mention I'm raising three kids.


On A Budget

Because this is a side gig, I offer very competitive rates. In exchange for your time flexibility, I make my services realistic to those with lower budgets.

Looking to Learn


I empower my clients to manage their content moving forward (but I offer follow-up services as well). If you are looking to maintain your communication systems on your own moving forward, I will teach you how.

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How It Works

Here is a quick overview of the process.

Step 1: Connect

Discovery Call

We will meet (probably virtually) and discuss your needs. I will ask lots of questions and provide a questionnaire for you to complete.

Step 2: Propose

Price Quote

After we meet, if we think working together will be a good fit, I will create a personalized price quote for you. It will include all elements of your project with timelines and expectations. You can then choose to accept, reject, or discuss adjustments. 

Step 3: Gather

Content Collection

Now we are ready to move forward! This is the hardest step for you. You will gather all the needed content. Don't worry, though; I can help guide you through these decisions.

Step 5: Revise

Adjustments & Changes

My clients are usually pretty happy with their initial designs, but there is always room for improvement. We will fine-tune your project until we have it right. 

Step 4: Design

Project Comes Alive

Now you sit back and relax while I go to work! This is where I take all your ideas and make them come beautifully to life.

Step 6: Launch & Learn

Show The World

Once we are happy with the project, I will help you showcase it to your audience. I will also go into teacher mode and ensure you know how to maintain your resources. **Or you can hire me to maintain it for you!**

Services Offered

I'd Love to Hear From You.
Here's How You Can Reach Me.

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